Monday, 26 October 2009

Rotating Flikr Wallpaper and Screensaver with Windows 7

This isn't very enterprise IT, but its a neat way of varying my desktop wallpaper and screensaver dynamically with Windows 7.

  1. Setup or use current Flikr account to upload pictures to.
  2. Via account section, create a free API key:
  3. Download Slikr Screensaver:
  4. On the 64 bit version of Windows 7 I had to uncheck "Open GL Check" within Slikr properties (via screensaver properties).
  5. Then put the API key into Slikr and sync it up with your user account.
  6. Then as a wallpapers, select %userprofile%\pictures\slikr\user\youruser
The upshot is any pictures you add to your Flikr will automatically join the group of pictures on your screensaver, and by extension your wallpapers.

If you access privileged data or systems from the user account you set this up on, check "On resume, prompt for login".

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