Thursday, 22 September 2011

Avoid Sharepoint Authentication Popup

One of the most galling things about Sharepoint in the configuration we have at my place of work is that you end up retyping your credentials all the time.

I've previously posted some ways around this by editing security settings in IE to ensure your AD credentials are always posted through.

However I've found a much better solution! Use Google Chrome. Type in your credentials and the experience is seamless.

Cannot pin Netsupport Manager to taskbar in Windows 7

I access some Windows Server boxes via Netsupport Manager at work. I'd like to pin this app to the taskbar, but as it has the word "Support" in the title Microsoft have explicitly excluded this.

I would have enjoyed attending the product management meeting at Microsoft where the decision to exclude any apps with "Support" in the name was made. I hope they had tea and nice biscuits!

To lift this slightly baffling restriction, you can amend the following registry key:


It will probably look like this:


Mine now looks like this:


And I can now pin NetSupport.